Why Choose Oxford Academia?

The Oxford Academia Experience
Oxford Academia sets itself apart with its academic resources, unparalleled access, and decades of experience in providing transformative summer programs for students. The full breadth of the student experience—from seminars and workshops to community activities and extracurriculars—provides students the opportunity to further themselves academically, connect with peers, and set themselves on a course for future success and exploration.
Decades of Experience
Our programs are a collaboration between Professor James Basker, an Oxford graduate with 30+ years of experience with the university, and Putney Student Travel, a family-run organization with seven decades of experience developing innovative and educational summer programs.
Engaging Seminars
A wide range of seminar offerings enables students to pursue their academic interests—from business and medicine to the arts, and everything in between. Seminars are designed to encompass foundational and promising fields, and are curated to take advantage of all that each university and destination have to offer.
Distinguished Educators
Students gain inspiration from distinguished educators and academics, featured scholars, keynote lecturers, and meetings with industry experts and thought leaders, who bring to the program diverse backgrounds with high-level, real-world experiences and insights.