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Oxford Academia
Challenge yourself academically at the world's most prestigious universities—at Oxford, American University of Paris, & University of Siena
Academic Summer Programs at the World's Most Prestigious Universities
Oxford Academia programs invite intellectually driven high school students to learn from the finest teachers, scholars, and industry professionals at some of the world’s most esteemed universities: Oxford University, The American University of Paris, and University of Siena in Italy. Rigorous seminars with inspirational educators, combined with cultural offerings and a magical community of peers and faculty, help our students discover their passions, inspire their confidence, and impact their future. On each program, students choose an academic major and minor, pursue subjects in the company of motivated peers, and engage with course material under the guidance of distinguished academics and prominent guest lecturers.
Oxford Academia welcomes intellectually ambitious high school students to learn from the finest teachers, scholars, guest lecturers and industry professionals at Oxford University, one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed institutions. This summer program offers students the full Oxford...
Paris Academia welcomes intellectually driven high school students to learn from the finest teachers, scholars, and industry professionals at the American University of Paris, located in the heart of the 7th arrondissement. This summer program offers students a full Parisian...
Siena Academia welcomes intellectually driven high school students to the University of Siena this summer to learn from the finest teachers, scholars, and industry professionals in their fields. Based in a stunning, walled medieval city in the heart of Tuscany,...

"Noah came away with a love for Oxford and its rich history, a set of connections with other students, and a portfolio of wonderful experiences that he will treasure." — Sarah L. & Daniel S.

Why Choose Oxford Academia?
Oxford Academia programs serve as a springboard for ambitious and curious high school students in a way no other educational summer program can. Oxford Academia is a collaboration between Putney Student Travel—the leader in educational summers, with seven decades of experience—and Professor James Basker—founder, director, and faculty of high school Oxford programs for more than 35 years. Students at Oxford Academia thrive in an environment uniquely structured to foster genuine academic inquiry and exploration. Through inspirational instruction; a supportive, diverse, and curious community of peers; and activities, workshops, and excursions that take advantage of the vibrant cultural hubs of Oxford, Paris, and Siena, students can explore or discover their passions and pursue their ambitions.
History & Tradition

Oxford Academia programs are based at three of the world's most historic and prestigious universities

Engaging Seminars

Students choose a major and a minor that matches their interests, ranging from Business, Law, and Medicine to Art History, Writing, and Language courses

Unparalleled Community

Our programs place special emphasis on fostering a supportive community of peers who are curious about the world and eager to make their mark on it

100+ Years of Experience

Oxford Academia combines Putney Student Travel's 72 years of experience with Professor James Basker's half-century history at Oxford

“I gained so much knowledge in new topics that I don’t have the opportunity to study at school. Learning about these in a fun environment with passionate, experienced teachers allowed me to discover so much that I’m excited to apply into my life.” — Aimee Yvonne Colleen K.

Esteemed Faculty

Our faculty members are Rhodes Scholars, practicing professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and mentors

Vibrant Destinations

Seminars take learning beyond the classroom where subjects come to life and students can immerse themselves in English, French, and Italian cultures

Workshops & Excursions

Students explore interests beyond their chosen seminars in diverse workshops and excursions further afield

It's Fun

Return home with new perspectives, new ideas, and new friends

Popular Seminars
Seminar offerings are both timely and timeless—relevant to the current moment, applicable to future studies and career paths, and crafted to take advantage of the myriad cultural offerings and resources of a program's location. Pursue Engineering or Shakespeare in Oxford; Farm to Table or Art History in Siena, Italy; Business or French Language in Paris; and many, many more!
Featured Faculty
We are proud of the truly outstanding faculty members who join students each summer in Oxford, Paris, and Siena. In addition to teaching they join the program for program-wide workshops and panels, providing the opportunity for all students to meet with them over the course of the program.
Oxford Academia
University of Oxford, MSc, Social Anthropology (in progress), University of Oxford, MSt,... Read More
Junior Dean
University of Oxford, DPhil, Education (candidate) University of Oxford, M.Sc., Comparative and... Read More
Paris Academia
University of Colorado Boulder, M.A., Art History; San Francisco Art Institute, M.F.A., Painting;... Read More
Alumni Testimonials
Immerse Yourself in Vibrant Cultural Hubs
Whether you find yourself exploring Britain’s oldest museum, the Ashmolean, gazing upward at the frescoes and paintings in the gothic-style Duomo in Siena, or taking in Paris’ vibrant social scene during a picnic on the banks of the Siene, you’ll find yourself immersed in a city that is both intellectually and culturally stimulating. Seminar field trips, as well as afternoon and evening events, get you out exploring the destination through activities designed to provide unique access and insight into these cultural European hubs.
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