The Putney Open Door Fund

The Putney Open Door Fund is a nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to eliminate barriers for young people seeking educational summer experiences. The Fund’s Board of Directors is committed to making the immeasurable benefits of transformative travel available to all students, regardless of their economic status.

The Putney Open Door Fund limits eligibility to students who are U.S. residents, whose parents’ combined annual income is no more than $50,000, and who have few assets. Scholarships are awarded annually. Many applications are received and allocation is competitive. Most Putney Open Door Fund scholarships support students on Service and Pre-College programs worldwide.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

To be considered for a scholarship, candidates must meet eligibility criteria and complete a Putney Open Door Fund (PODF) application. Application materials are typically available in late October/early November for travel the following summer.

Donate Now

View the PODF Board of Directors, stories from recipients, and ways to support the Putney Open Door Fund! One hundred percent of donations goes directly to funding scholarship students. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Board of Directors

Eric Wilson, President
Entrepreneur, New York, NY

Patrice Cromwell, Vice-President
Philanthropic Advisor, Baltimore, MD

John Ashley, Treasurer
Attorney, New York, NY

Corey Modeste, Secretary
Financial Analyst, New York, NY

Raimi Ade-Salu
Youth Advocate, New York, NY

Jonathan Brand
Attorney & College President, Mt. Vernon, IA

Breck Eisner
Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

Abbey Gardner
International Development Policy Advisor, New York, NY

Lorraine Howard
Mathematics Educator, Philadelphia, PA

Alden Jones
Writer, Roslindale, MA

Vince Ruiz
Attorney, Fullerton, CA

Julie Sløk
Minister, Brooklyn, NY

Ellen Stein
Doctor, Waitsfield, VT

Vicki Waller
Educator, Los Angeles, CA