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Recorded February 2, 2024

Oxford Academia: Summer 2024

Join Professor Jim Basker in conversation with faculty member Haitong Du as they delve into the educational wonders awaiting high school students at Oxford, and discover the unique blend of tradition and innovation that sets Oxford Academia apart.

Recorded January 21, 2024

Oxford Academia: Meet the Faculty

Get an inside look at our Oxford Academia programs at Oxford, the American University of Paris, and Yale. Then hear a conversation with Ashley Francis, who will return to our Oxford program this summer to teach our Business, Banking, & Markets seminar. Be sure to stay until the end for a Q&A session!

Recorded December 7, 2023

Oxford Academia: Summer 2024

Oxford Academia programs invite intellectually driven high school students to learn from the finest teachers, scholars, and industry professionals at some of the world’s most esteemed universities.

Recorded February 11, 2023

Oxford Academia: Meet an Alum

Join Jim Basker in conversation with student alum Declan Collins and learn about his inspiring experience at Oxford Academia.

Recorded December 15, 2022

Oxford Academia: Meet the Faculty

Join Professor James Basker in conversation with Dr. Rodina Peachey and Mihaela Mitrovic, two faculty members of Oxford Academia.

Recorded April 3, 2022

Oxford Academia: Meet the Faculty

Join Professor James Basker in conversation with Sami Ginzberg and Dr. Rodina Peachey about Oxford Academia.

Recorded February 27, 2022

Paris Academia at The American University of Paris

Learn more about our Paris Academia program, seminar offerings for this summer, and what students can expect from their authentic Parisian experience.

Recorded January 31, 2022

Oxford Academia: Meet the Faculty

Professor Basker speaks with three Oxford Academia faculty members about the joys of teaching (and learning!) in Oxford.


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