The Oxford Academia Nepal & Oxford Education Consultancy london Council is responsible for its governance arrangements. It is responsible and accountable for determining for Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC’s direction and has oversight for its management and operations.

The purpose of Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC is to provide support for international students seeking to study in the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC supports international students’ preparation of admissions application, securing CAS for UK, I-20 for USA, COE for Australia, LOA for Canada & UOL for New Zealand & others and obtaining visa to study. It also supports international students to orientate towards studying abroad by providing academic support for research proposals, essays and team work assignments.

A critical role that Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC has adopted is to contribute to the economic development and growth of Nepal through its Business Partner Scheme (BPS). The aim of BPS is to build an inclusive Nepalese community in Nepal and internationally.Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC philosophy is that an entrepreneur or business person has triangular relationships between the company, partners, and customers that define an enterprise. This ethos of being an interrelated triangular community underpins the vision of the Council and it directs and monitors Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC’s activities accordingly against this strategic ambition. Council is also responsible for Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC’s solvency and financial state and fulfillment of its legal obligations. The Council delegates responsibility for the development and implementation of business strategies to the Oxford Academia Nepal & OEC Board of Directors.