Oxford Academia is professional education consultancy firmed with professional people who are working in this filed since long time. Our emerged experience and full knowledge of abroad study is our assets. We deal with all stakeholders in professional way in real world. Stands out from the rest keeping aside the conventional and stereotypical way of counseling and guidance whereas embracing hands on counseling is what we afford to impart to our prospective students prior to making final move towards abroad study. We evaluate the student’s academic qualification, their interest and financial background prior to assure any admission and make them feeling of their pathfinder. We represent our valuable partners of abroad and represent their every aspects to create high image in the education industry.

Oxford Academia with its team working across the world mainly Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Most of the European countries and India. We are more focused on delivering precise information from documentation to opting Universities, Colleges and their offered programs- courses through real and vivid video streaming for real time true information of the place and institution students set to go. Oxford Academia ensures students the fact that no suggestions and information provided by our expert team are any of deceiving. Incorporated with the office of the company registrar, Ministry of industry, commerce and supply of the government of Nepal, Oxford Academia is a leading and fast growing educational institution currently existing in Kathmandu and Chitwan. In order to maintain direct presence with a hope to cover as much students as we possibly can to assist them in paving their path towards success and prosperity professionally and personally.

As we help out our students from the very beginning in choosing academic institutions they want to enroll abroad to post visa grant documentation till getting into the institution, also we offer English language and Test preparation classes as such IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE and GMAT in our entire offices. Perpetual monitoring and regular inquiry on students academic performance via education providers even after student make it to abroad always remains a huge subject of concern to us.


  • Oxford Academia focuses on providing the career advice with great support and creative plan
  • Oxford Academia provides excellent and effective customer service to its clients globally
  • We focus to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients with quality and cost effective services
  • We are committed on establishing strong, meaningful and long lasting partnership with our partners and Clients
  • Feedback received from our valuable clients and partners are considered as an assets and incorporated in our business development plan.
  • We create value to our clients and partners with various business opportunities


The mission of Oxford Academia is to become a global leader in education consultancy sector and the brand of your choice. We place our clients at the heart of our business and provide them accurate,meaningful and relevant information to achieve their career goals. We are very ambitious on establishing the global brand with creating value to our clients and partners. In addition we are focusing on strategic plans of broadening our provision of products and establishing other branches in various locations around the globe


Unlike many of our competitors, we provide free counselling that consist priceless information to our clients. We always focus on our strength but we are also aware on the continuous improvement of our business. We are flexible enough to adopt the changes in order to achieve the success with changing environment and circumstances.



As a truly client – orientated organisation, we have a proven track record. We have highly motivated, experienced and passionate team to find solutions even in the most challenging circumstances


We are a forward looking education consultancy, which has already established the culture of providing the quality support at a reasonable price. We believe and encourage the friendly working atmosphere with our staffs, clients and partners for strong, meaningful and long lasting relationships